Home Assistance

 Electrical, Plumbing, Locksmith Assistance
Should a technical breakdown occur at home or in the office, Inter Partner Assistance will dispatch a certified Electrician, Plumber or Locksmith to repair the defective appliance or office equipment.  

House Call Referral
Inter Partner Assistance can arrange a House Call by a duly registered doctor if the treating physician of a member is not available.  

Baby-sitting / Nursing Referral
Upon request of the member, Inter Partner Assistance will arrange for a qualified Baby Sitter to take care of the Child(ren) of the member. A qualified nurse or Paramedic may be sent to the member's home to attend the needs of sick child(ren) or parents during the member's absence.  
Domestic Helper Advisory Service
According to the information released by Labour Department and Immigration Department, Inter Partner Assistance will give advice to the member on domestic helper.  
Pest Control and Cleaning Services Referral
Upon the Member's request Inter Partner Assistance can select and refer the most appropriate pest control or cleaning companies to the member.  
Loss Card Report
Upon the request of the member Inter Partner Assistance's 24-hour Alarm centre will notify the relevant credit card centres to report loss.